Proclamation of the Cannabis Embassy –– 17 March 2024

On Sunday 17 March 2024, the first General Assembly of the Cannabis Embassy [1st Parliament meeting] was held at Wohlmut, Vienna (Austria) in parallel of the United Nations' 67th Commission on narcotic drugs (CND). 

Following one year of preparation, delegates from Austria, Aotearoa-New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, South Africa, Spain, gathered in Vienna on day 5 of the "Cannabis Embassy Campus Vienna" event associated with the 67th CND, and decided to proclaim the Cannabis Embassy as a sui generis ad'hoc independent State without a territory (similarly to the status of the Sovereign Order of Malta). 

A second Parliament meeting will be held before 20 April 2025 to reconsider the entity's status and, if so decided, adopt a Constitution.
Decision 2024/GA1/1 The Mission Statement and name [official and common names] are approved.

Vision: A world where humankind has the fundamental right to live in harmony with Cannabis sativa L. – in its versatile uses, across ecosystems, histories and cultures – thereby contributing to the wellbeing of all life.
Mission: Enabling informed, respectful, just and sustainable societies where Cannabis sativa L. is liberated. Fostering solidarity, amplifying voices and actions internationally, to achieve our vision.

Official name: Legatio Cannabis - 大麻大使馆 - سفارة القنب  [adjustments pending]
Common name in English: Cannabis Embassy, being co-official with other vernacular variants [Examples: Hemp Embassy, Marijuana Embassy, Bhang Embassy]. Common names are co-official in every language.

Decision 2024/GA1/2 The Cannabis Embassy decides that it will be constituted as a sui generis ad'hoc independent State without a territory, valid for a period of one year, to be reconsidered before 20 April 2025. A Constitution and a Charter of Rights shall be drafted within that period.

Decision 2024/GA1/3 The Definitions of Terms are approved temporarily. Final definitions will be included in the Constitution.
  • Cannabis – Hemp [or any other of its vernacular names].
  • Cannabis Citizen – Any individual involved in any manner with the plant or its products, aware and respectful of all other individuals involved in their own ways with cannabis.
  • Cannabis Diplomat – Any activist who has presented truth to power on cannabis issues within the United Nations in furtherance of their national/local activism, and is recognized by his/her peers.
  • Cannabis Ambassador – A Cannabis Diplomat that has presented multiple times within the United Nations, is working on an ongoing international plan of action, and/or is recognized by his/her peers.
These names do not constitute a hierarchy, but a recognition of experience and efforts put in the past.
  • Cannabis Embassy – A sui generis ad'hoc independent State without a territory, valid for a period of one year, to be reconsidered before 20 April 2025.
Decision 2024/GA1/4 The Interim Internal Structure and provisional team is approved, subject to the new Constitution.
Interim Internal Structure:
  • Cannabis Embassy Government (currently: Michael Krawitz (USA), Myrtle Clarke (South Africa), Farid Ghehiouèche (France), Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli (Spain), Hanka Gabrielová (Czechia), Jan Marin Padouk (Czechia), Etienne van Zyl (South Africa), Etienne Fontan (USA))
  • Cannabis Embassy Senate [Advisory Council] (currently 15 persons from Aotearoa-New Zealand, Canada, Czechia, Mexico, Nepal, Switzerland, UK, USA)
  • Cannabis Embassy Parliament [international network of networks; meeting of Cannabis Embassy's Government and Senate members in addition to representatives of NGOs and the private sector]
  • NGOs will be invited to register in a future Cannabis Embassy NGO registry, and companies will be invited to join a future Private Sector Advisory Council.