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67th Commission on Narcotic Drugs

The Cannabis Embassy coordinated a number of collective written contributions by non-governmental organizations in consultative status with the UN (ECOSOC special NGO status) in the margins of this year's 67th CND.
Official Written Statements
Written contributions to the Main Session of the 67th Commission on Narcotic Drugs
Cannabis for medical purposes:
Non-Discriminatory Access.

(MAPS & IACM patient council)

Article 2(9): Single Convention’s
Recreational Cannabis Law

(Fields of Green for ALL)

Shifting Perspectives on Novel & Traditional Drugs: Remarks around Rethinking Drug Control

Contributions to the High-Level Mid-term Review of the 2019–2029 UN drug strategy

All contributions can be accessed from the UNODC website for stakeholder contributions.

Contribution under ENCOD Contributions under Fields of Green for ALL
Challenge 1: The range of drugs & their markets are expanding and diversifying
Cannabis Social Clubs: Policy for the 21st Century
Guidelines for European Cannabis Social Clubs
Cannabis & Sustainable Development: Paving the way for the next decade in Cannabis and hemp policies
Summaries and Video links from the 2018 International Cannabis Policy Conference
Challenge 6: New Psychoactive Substances
‘Cannabis’ ontologies I: Conceptual issues with Cannabis and cannabinoids terminology -
Challenge 7: Access to, and availability of controlled medicines for medical and scientific purposesCannabis & Human Rights vs. the INCB: Bias and opacity in the work of the International Narcotics Control Board on cannabis [English & Español]
The Crimson Digest - International scientific assessment of cannabis: processes, stakeholders and history
Support patient access to medicine, vote yes! [E/CN.7/2020/NGO/7]
Statement of the Veterans Action Council of the USA [E/CN.7/2021/NGO/6]White Paper of the Veterans Action Council
MAPS statement + 56 NGOs: Towards science-based scheduling of cannabis sativa and other controlled herbal medicines [E/CN.7/2020/NGO/8]
WHO ECDD contribution: The Importance of Appellations of Origin to the Successful Therapeutic Model of Whole Plant Cannabis
IACM, SCC, and other NGOs: Ensuring continuity of treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic for patients using Cannabis and cannabinoid medicines (April 20th, 2020)
History, science, and politics of international cannabis scheduling, 2015–2021
Challenge 8: Increasing links between drug trafficking, corruption, and other forms of organized crimeWay Forward: Split the UNODC -
Challenge 11: Member States' conformity with international law (drug control conventions & human rights)CBD as a 'narcotic'? Food for thought
Policy Brief: Treaty Compliance Options for Cannabis Regulations in the EU Models of decriminalisation and legal regulation compliant with International Law and EU acquis
Executive Summary: High compliance, a lex lata legalization for the non-medical cannabis industry
Hemp and the Treaty: deciphering the legal status of industrial Cannabis and cannabidiol under the drug control conventions
Cannabis amnesia – Indian hemp parley at the Office International d’Hygiène Publique in 1935
Voluntary contribution to INCB on transparency and accountability endorsed by 181 NGOs from +50 countries
Application of the Right to a Remedy and Reparation for Victims of gross violations of International Human Rights Law in the case of people affected by Prohibition [English & Français]
Global cannabis prohibition is a house of cards. Answering the critiques of ‘High Compliance’
"Due diligence & herbal drugs" Human Rights challenges related to Drug Policy (2nd Contribution pursuant to HRC resolution 54/22)
"More than an added value" Human Rights challenges related to Drug Policy (1st Contribution pursuant to HRC resolution 54/22)
High compliance, a lex lata legalization for the non-medical cannabis industry: How to regulate recreational cannabis in accordance with the Single Convention on narcotic drugs, 1961
A South African Contribution to the High Level 67th CND, Vienna 2024
Cross-cutting issuesForum Drugs Mediterranean-FAAAT: Way Forward for the Post-2029 UN drugs plan of action: One-year delay & countries inputs Cannabis in South Africa, the People's Plant: A Full-Spectrum Manifesto For Policy Reform
Forum Drugs Mediterranean-FAAAT: United Nations just proclaimed Universal Rights of Peasants.Sustainable Cannabis Policy Toolkit – Aligning Cannabis and hemp policy with the 2023 sustainable development agenda

Questions to International Organizations during the 67th Commission

Updated soon.
Conference 1: 21 March, 9h (UN Vienna, room M7 & Online)

CND side-event #AandA: Access & Availability, from Palliative to Primary Care

Sponsor: ENCOD. 
Co-sponsors: Ágora, FAAAT-Forum Drugs Mediterranean, Fields of Green for ALL, IACM patients council, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Veterans Action Council.

Delve into comprehensive discussions as we explore the critical aspects of access and availability in the realm of healthcare Join us in unraveling the complexities surrounding patient-access to internationally controlled drugs, and contribute to shaping a future where essential medicines are accessible to all. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative dialogue shaping the future of global health.
Conference 2: 21 March, 13h (UN Vienna, room M7 & Online)

CND side-event: Cannabis & Biopiracy

Sponsor: Fields of Green for ALL. 
Co-sponsors: Ágora Mexico, ENCOD, FAAAT-Forum Drugs Mediterranean, IACM patients council, ICEERS Foundation, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Traditional and Natural Health Alliance, Umzimvubu Farmers Support Network, Veterans Action Council.

Biopiracy designates the illegitimate and/or illegal appropriation of genetic resources and/or associated traditional knowledge. Hemp (Cannabis L.), along with numerous other crop plants, is deeply ingrained in traditional knowledge systems and represents genetic resources possibly associated with the intellectual property rights of small-scale farmers. The economic potential of cannabis genetic resources makes it susceptible to biopiracy. In the context of the upcoming Diplomatic Conference to conclude a treaty on this topic, this side event will introduce biopiracy and explore how international legal controls impact conservation efforts for cannabis genetic resources and traditional knowledge.

Side Event at the 67th Commission on Narcotic Drugs: Cannabis & Biopiracy
Thursday 21 March at 13h00 – 13h50 in Room M7.

The art used for the side-event is © Ilya Klein 2023. Support his work.
Conference 3: 22 March, 13h (Online)

Supported CND side-event: Coca leaf

Sponsor: Ágora Mexico. 
Co-sponsors: ENCOD, FAAAT-Forum Drugs Mediterranean.

This consultation will feature presentations from three panelists followed by an interactive segment where attendees can share their perspectives on challenges, solutions, recommendations, and the way forward regarding the coca leaf policy in Latin America.