Opening Statement: GRATK Diplomatic Conference

Opening Statement: GRATK Diplomatic Conference

Opening Statement of the Cannabis Embassy, delivered under FAAAT-Forum Drugs Mediterranean. Agenda item 7 of the WIPO Diplomatic Conference on Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge – 14 May 2024

Dear Mr. President, 

Dear Friends from around the world,

We congratulate the President and Vice Chairs on their election, and thank the Secretariat for its work. 

In order to promote Harmony with Nature and defend the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, this Instrument must include:

1) One: Any disclosure of patents based on Genetic Resources or Associated Traditional Knowledge should prove Free Prior Informed Consent was obtained from the legitimate rights holders. 

2) Two: This instrument must mention Indigenous Customary Laws, since they are the only way to ascertain legitimate rights holders.

3) Three: Fair and Equitable Access and Benefit-Sharing must be acknowledged.

4) Four: Digital Sequence Information must be included in the definition of Genetic Resources.

5) Five: Sanctions must include the option of patent revocation for incomplete and inaccurate disclosures.

Mr President, 

This Instrument is a historic opportunity to repair ecological relationships harmed by centuries of biopiracy and cultural extermination created by colonialism. We affirm the necessity of peace & respect for human rights for the conservation of genetic resources and traditional knowledge. May this Treaty be rooted in compassion and respect.

Thank you.

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This statement was delivered in collaboration with FAAAT-Forum Drugs Mediterranean, an observer organisation to the WIPO IGC and Diplomatic Conference.