Community Consultations Advocating for the Human Rights & Collective Intellectual Property Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities at the Diplomatic Conference Treaty on Genetic Resources & Traditional Knowledge (GRATK Treaty)

GRATK Consultations –– Between 12 and 24 May, diplomats from around the world met to discuss and finalise the GRATK Treaty against patent-based biopiracy.

A delegation of Plant Activists attended the GRATK Diplomatic Conference with the Cannabis Embassy (accredited with NGO FAAAT-Forum Drugs Mediterranean). Ahead of the conference, we invited stakeholders from Indigenous peoples and local communities to attend a series of Community Consultations hosted online. The goals were to:

  • Inform stakeholder communities on the UN & GRATK Treaty process,
  • Share advocacy priorities & proposals, 
  • Generate community-based advocacy strategies in the Treaty process.

A total of 6 consultations were held in different time zones and in 3 languages (Geneva time):


GRATK Consultations in English

8 May 16h: Africa Europe 9 May 23h: Asia Pacific


Consultas sobre GRATK en castellano

8 de mayo 20h: América 9 de mayo 19h: América


Consultations sur le GRATK en français

8 mai 17h: Afrique 9 mai 20h: Afrique Europe

The consultations relies on our Position Paper as a basis for discussion and collection of inputs, and a special multilingual presentation created for the occasion (see slides below). The meetings were recorded only for internal note-taking purposes.

Visit the GRATK portal or read our Blog Article to learn more. You can also support our volunteer work.

Some slides from the GRATK Consultations ahead of the Diplomatic Conference

Watch/read the Opening Statement

Opening statement at the GRATK Diplomatic Conference, 14 May 2024

All information about the GRATK Treaty & Diplo Conf

GRATK Cannabis Embassy advocacy portal

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